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Monterey Bay Labrador Retriever Rescue welcomes you to view our LABS AVAILABLE for adoption. We take in labs ranging in age from puppies to seniors (though most of our dogs are in the 1-5 age range) and try to provide you with as much information as we can about each dog. Each has been carefully evaluated and most all have spent time in loving foster homes before being offered for adoption. We typically bring in new dogs every week, so it’s important to check the website frequently if you’re looking to adopt. An explanation of our adoption procedure is located on the How To Adopt section. And we invite you to check out our Success Stories for wonderful notes and photos from our happy adopters.  


3-4 year old neutered yellow male, 68 lbs

Cooper is a happy, energetic, eager to please youngster who would love a home!  We rescued Cooper from the Tracy shelter where he was picked up as a stray.  It’s amazing that someone wouldn’t be looking for this handsome boy.  Cooper is more of an English lab with his boxy head and compact body.  He has a beautiful coat and huge, soft brown eyes.  Cooper is housebroken and knows how to use a dog door.  He LOVES other dogs and really enjoys playing with the foster’s lab, who is about the same age. He is good with little dogs too….unknown with cats.  We think Cooper would be happiest if he could be in a home with another dog, and we will be trying to find that for him.  He loves to retrieve and will drop the ball at your feet.  Sometimes he runs around with the ball in his mouth before bringing it back….he just loves to run….but always brings it to your feet eventually.  He loves playing in a kiddie pool and we suspect he’ll love the water.  He’s good in the car….very excited to be going somewhere…and especially loves it if he can put his head out the window to sniff in all the great scents.  Cooper knows quite a few commands including sit, down, wait, shake and roll over.  Clearly someone spent some time training him in his past and he is a quick study.  Cooper doesn’t jump up and he’s definitely not a barker…..we’ve never heard him bark.  He is pretty good on a leash.  He loves to be the first to dash out the door, but if you tell him to wait, he will….and then when you say it’s time for him to go, if you say “OK,” he’ll go.  Really smart boy.  We think Cooper would be great with kids, but since we have no history on him, we would suggest kids ages 5 or older.  We definitely want Cooper to go to a home where he will be with someone most of the day….and will give preference to a family with another playful dog.  Cooper sleeps through the night on a dog bed next to the foster’s bed.  He has not shown any desire to get up on the furniture tho he does try to crawl into your lap for some loving.  He’s a very sweet, loving boy and loves to be petted and rubbed.  Cooper will need an active family as he loves to run and play.  He’d be a great hiking or running buddy.  And he will also need a good sized yard.  He’s not a condo or apartment kind of guy.  He’s a pretty terrific boy!

For more information on Cooper, please call Judy @ (831) 261-3409.


10 year old neutered chocolate male, 74 lbs

Leo is a GREAT dog.  He just turned ten and acts more like a five year old.  He’s always happy, always ready to play, but also very easy going and loving when play time is over.  Leo spent his whole life with the same family.  They are moving out of state to an apartment and can’t take him so they asked for MBLRR’s help.  Leo is AKC registered.  He has a very cute face and a dark chocolate coat, with just the right amount of gray to give him a distinguished look.  Leo’s coat was all bleached out she we got him because he was an outside dog, but with lots of brushing, the bleached hair is shedding out and his fabulous dark coat is returning (the photos were taken when he still had the bleached coat….it looks soooo much better now).  Leo is crate trained and slept in a crate in the garage for his whole life, but he’s loving being a house dog.  He sleeps next to the foster’s bed at night on a dog bed….no more crates are needed for this boy.  He is housebroken and has excellent house manners and doesn’t beg, counter surf or get on the furniture.  He is not a barker….in fact we’ve never heard him bark.  Leo walks beautifully on a leash with his Easy Walk harness….walking pretty much right by your side.  If another dog on a leash going by him barks or acts up, Leo ignores him.  He comes when called and knows sit and stay.  He loves riding in the car  And Leo really loves to swim so we’d love him to have a pool or a beach nearby.  Leo is good with other dogs.  He asserts himself when meeting a new dog, but very quickly settles in with them.  He’s fine with both big and small dogs (he lived with a Boston Terrier).  Occasionally when Leo gets really excited, he can jump up a bit, but stops the minute you tell him to.  He will chase cats, so a cat free home is a must.  Leo is wonderful and gentle with kids and his family had a 3 1/2 year old child that he was great with.  We would trust Leo with any age children.  And Leo LOVES to retrieve.  He’ll retrieve a kong, a ball or a frisbee….loves them all.  If you’re sitting around watching TV and there is a ball around, he’ll drop it in your lap and look at you with his happy face until you throw it for him.  Once the ball is put away he will settle and relax, but he LOVES to play.  Leo is in great shape, tho he could lose 5 lbs.  He has no trouble doing stairs..he’s very athletic. And Leo loves to be loved.  He’s a very affectionate boy who just wants to be with his people.  Leo loves to have head and body rubs and will lean into you when you pet him.  He will be fine as an only dog…..all the more love for him.  Don’t let his age fool you….Leo acts like a much younger dog, but has the maturity know when it’s time to be mellow.  We definitely want someone to be around a good part of the day with Leo, but he is fine being left for a couple of hours with no issues.  He would also be a great dog to take to work with you.

For more information on sweet Leo, please give Judy a call @ (831) 261-3409.  Leo is located in Monterey.


2 1/2 yr old neutered yellow male, 90 lbs

Scout is a happy, energetic, really sweet boy.  He’s a large lab who is great looking, with his soft coat, nice head and big brown eyes that just glow with happiness.  He needs to lose a few pounds but is not a lot overweight. Scout was given up because his family is having a new baby soon and Scout is just too big and bouncy for them to comfortably handle with the new baby coming.  Scout is completely housebroken and has pretty good house manners.  He is not a chewer.  Scout loves having a toy box full of toys and will pull them all out to play with, acting like a kid at Christmas.  He really makes you smile   He will settle down in the house nicely after good exercise. He LOVES exercise.  He is an avid retriever and also loves to swim.  He’d rather have the ball than eat!   Scout would do best with an active family and a big yard.  He is great with other dogs and is very playful.  He will chase cats so needs a cat free home.  Scout is good on a leash on a halti head collar coupled with an expandable lead.  He knows sit, down and stay, and has excellent recall.  He loves riding in the car.   Scout has been with a small six year old child (who adored him), but because of his size and puppy-like behavior (and because he can jump up on occasion), we think any kids in the family should be age 10 or older.  Scout would benefit from an experienced dog person who can go through obedience with him.  He really wants to learn things and his foster mom has already taught him so much. He’s a very sweet boy and loves to be loved.   Scout is really just a puppy in a big dog suit and every day is exciting and fun. We definitely want Scout to go to a home where someone is around most of the time. He’s a great dog…. and he loves his people. With some training and consistency, Scout will thrive and whoever adopts him will love him to pieces.

Scout unfortunately tore his cruciate ligament while just retrieving, as he does every day.  He had surgery to fix his leg and is recovering well.  We are not taking any further calls on him until he’s much farther into his recovery.

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