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Monterey Bay Labrador Retriever Rescue welcomes you to view our LABS AVAILABLE for adoption. We take in labs ranging in age from puppies to seniors (though most of our dogs are in the 1-5 age range) and try to provide you with as much information as we can about each dog. Each has been carefully evaluated and most all have spent time in loving foster homes before being offered for adoption. We typically bring in new dogs every week, so it’s important to check the website frequently if you’re looking to adopt. An explanation of our adoption procedure is located on the How To Adopt section. And we invite you to check out our Success Stories for wonderful notes and photos from our happy adopters.  


10 month old neutered chocolate male, 73 lbs

Bear is a super sweet puppy with a laid back personality.  Bear was surrendered to MBLRR because his owner worked long hours and felt bad that Bear was left alone.  He’s a great looking boy with his huge feet and blocky head, an English lab.  Bear’s eyes looked like bloodhound eyes when he came to us.  The lower lids sagged way down and that caused lots of bacteria and debris to get into his eyes, causing continued infections.  We did surgery on his lower lids and tightened them up, so that will no longer be a problem.  His stitches just came out and he’s good to go. His eyes look great.   Bear has arthritis in his right front elbow.  We took X-rays, and it appears that he suffered an injury at a very young age (before the age of 8 weeks), that wasn’t attended to.  As a result, he will always have a slightly awkward gait.  He will also require joint supplements for the arthritis. Bear is used to it and it doesn’t  bother him.   He’s never going to be an athlete, but that’s not who he is anyway.  He is a very mellow boy who is happy with a couple of short walks a day.  We would love him to be able to swim in his new home….that would be perfect exercise for him.  Bear is now housebroken and loves to hang out with his people.  He would be a great dog to take to work with you too, as he would quietly sit by your side all day and would love to greet the people at your place of work.  He knows sit and will come when called.  He follows his fosters everywhere.  Bear needs some leash work.  An Easy Walk harness or head collar would be great for him. But he loves his walks.  He travels very well in the car, and has just learned how to jump into a low SUV. The ideal situation for him would be to have a step that he could step up on and then get into the back seat or back of a low SUV and a step to get out of the car too.  A ramp would be great too.  Bear is good with other dogs and gets very excited when he sees them on walks.  He gets all waggy and pulls towards the other dog, wanting to meet them.   We’d ideally like to see him as an only dog, tho, so he’s not tempted to play too hard with another dog in the family, but he would be ok with another calm dog.  He’s unknown with cats so a cat free home would be best.   Bear also needs lots of dog beds.  He LOVES them!  And they are important as a cushion for his elbow.  Bear loves to go around the house and collect things….dog toys, your jacket, a sock, whatever strikes his fancy and he will carefully take it to his bed and sleep with it.  Bear still chews a bit but is easily directed to appropriate chew toys.  And he never destroys the things he takes to his bed.  He’s extremely affectionate and super sweet.  You will never find a more loving boy. He gives great kisses.  Bear alarm barks and sometimes barks a bit when he’s left alone for short periods, but stops quickly.  He is the perfect companion dog….so happy just to be with you.  We adore this incredibly sweet boy and whoever adopts him is getting a gem!

For more information on Bear, please call Judy @ (831) 261-3409.  Bear is located in Monterey.

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