We work very hard to make sure each of our rescue labs goes to the family that is the best fit for him or her. It’s not necessarily the first person who calls who “gets” the lab.  We frequently get multiple calls on each lab and after talking with each person who calls, we will make the decision as to who will be that best fit.  If you are interested in adopting a lab from Monterey Bay Labrador Retriever Rescue and are willing to travel to the Monterey/Carmel area to meet that lab, the following outlines our adoption procedure and what you can expect to happen:

paw printCall the Rescue Rep listed as the contact person for the Available Lab on our website.

paw printThe Rescue Rep will ask you questions about your experience with labs and find out more about what you are looking for and the home you can provide for the rescued lab. They will then tell you more about the specific dog you are inquiring about and answer any questions about that dog that you might have.  If it looks like a good fit, an application will be emailed to you to fill out.  It is not possible to get the application from the website.  We require a phone interview first.

Chocolate lab puppypaw printIf your family sounds like a good match, the Rep will schedule a time for you to come and meet him or her at the foster’s home. It’s important that all members of the family (as well as any other dogs in the family) come to meet the rescue dog, as we need to be sure everyone is on board with the adoption before we can send a dog home.  We only have one family at a time come to meet a dog.  If for any reason that family meets the dog and decides not to take him/her home, we will then call the next person in line for that dog.

paw printBring the completed application and adoption fee to the meeting.  If the adoption meeting goes well, you will leave the application and your check with the Rescue Rep, who will be present at the adoption.  Our Adoption fees are: $500 for dogs 6 months and younger, $400 for dogs 7 months to age 9, $300 for senior dogs, age 10 and older. For puppies, the adopting family must provide an additional $300 deposit (spay/neuter deposit) which is refunded when your Lab is old enough to spay or neuter and proof is provided to Monterey Bay Labrador Retriever Rescue that the spay/neuter has been done.  We will provide you with all of the paperwork for your new lab, including proof of spay or neuter, vaccination records, information on how to register your dog’s microchip, and any other vet records that apply.

paw printWe will keep in close contact with you after the adoption to answer any questions and offer advice if needed.  It’s important to remember that generally dogs are stressed upon going to a totally new environment, so it might take a few days or even a couple of weeks for your new dog to settle in.  We rarely have dogs returned, but in the event you decide your adopted dog is just not right for you and your family, you will need to bring the dog back to us (that is part of the contract that you sign upon adopting a dog).  We will always take a dog back if it’s not the right fit.

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