au-main We love and need volunteers… and as we are an all volunteer organization, we rely on our volunteers to handle everything we do. We do not have our own shelter or office facility, but rather work out of our homes. We use our own cars for transport. The good part of that is that almost every dollar we raise can go to the dogs. We have lots of volunteer activities and our volunteers all tell us that they really enjoy making a difference in the lives of these deserving dogs. Here are our needs:



Our GREATEST NEED and offering the greatest reward). Fostering is a great way to help transition a rescued lab into their new loving home. It is a great way to enjoy the company of a dog on a short term basis (generally the commitment is one week, but could be more on occasion). Interested foster parents should have experience with dogs, and we prefer homes where someone can be with the foster dog for a good part of the day. But if you work and have another dog or dogs of your own to keep the foster dog company, that’s fine too. If you DO have another dog, we will be sure to select a foster that will be a good fit for your dog. Your home must have a securely fenced yard. Monterey Bay Labrador Retriever Rescue pays all the medical expenses for the dogs in foster care. You provide love, food, exercise, companionship and a safe temporary home. An initial phone interview and a home visit will be required to become a foster parent. We also have experienced foster parents who will be happy to talk with you and answer any questions you might have. Once your foster dog has been placed, we share with you any updates we get from the adopting family so you can see how your fosters are doing. Fostering is a big commitment, but ask anyone who has fostered and they will tell you that there is nothing like the rewarding experience of bringing a dog into your home and your heart, watching them blossom and then releasing them with joy to their wonderful new family. It’s truly one of the highs of doing rescue work. And foster homes are the difference between life and death for homeless dogs at risk of euthanasia. We always have a list of dogs waiting to come into our adoption program but need foster homes to be able to take them.




An essential element to any non-profit organization. Vet care for our rescue labs can easily exceed the amount we receive in adoption donations, and that is where most of the money we raise goes. We are always looking for people to help organize fundraisers such as raffles, auctions and yard sales. And we’re open to new ideas!!


dog evaluator

Dog Evaluator

We have a very specialized need for experienced lab people who can help us evaluate labs that we are considering taking into our program. Some of these dogs are in shelters and some are with the owners who are needing to surrender them to us. Essentially we need someone to meet the dog and determine if that dog is both people and dog friendly. We obviously wouldn’t send you to anyone who hasn’t already told us their dog is dog friendly, but it helps to get an independent evaluator to confirm that that is true. It would involve making an appt with the owner or the shelter to go meet the dog, and then taking the dog out for a walk to see how he or she behaves nose to nose with another dog, and with people. Once we determine that the lab passes our tests, then we can arrange for transport to pick the dog up and transport him or her to Carmel. MBLRR will have done the initial intensive interview with the shelter and/or the owner before you arrive to do the evaluation, so mostly you will just be confirming what we believe to be true…that this is a friendly lab that would be a good fit for our program. We need people in Fresno, Modesto, Los Banos, the Bay area, Sacramento and San Luis Obispo who could help out with this.



Lab Transport

Transporting labs from Point A to Point B is something we do all the time, and we would love volunteers who could help us. There are many transport scenarios, but all generally involve transporting a single dog in your car to the vet clinic we use in Carmel, where you will be met by MBLRR staff. Some of the dogs needing transport are in shelters, but many are with still with the families that have to give them up. If those families are unable to drive to Carmel, we try to find transport help to either go to their home and bring the lab all the way to Carmel, or to meet people part way and finish the trip to Carmel. Often this happens on weekends, but we also often have a need during the week if the situation is urgent and the dog needs to get to us quickly. We need people who can transport from the Bay area, from Santa Cruz, from the Sacramento area, from Modesto and Fresno, and also from the San Luis Obispo area to Carmel. Some of our transporters crate the dogs in their car and others don’t. If they aren’t crated, we make sure they’re restrained with a leash or a barrier, so they don’t interfere with the driver. If you enjoy driving, and you enjoy saving dogs, we would love to have your help. Just give us a call and let us know what areas you could help us with. We have a list of transport people and try to give you at least a few days notice. If you’re unable to transport when we call, we move on to the next person. There is no pressure. But we’d really appreciate your help if you’re available and have the time.

Next steps: If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out our brief Volunteer Information Form and one of us will get back to you very soon. We so appreciate any time you can give us and the labs thank you too! We have great volunteers and you’ll enjoy being part of a very special group. All fields required. (fill in form which will submit the information to an email address)

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