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Monterey Bay Labrador Retriever Rescue welcomes you to view our LABS AVAILABLE for adoption. We take in labs ranging in age from puppies to seniors (though most of our dogs are in the 1-5 age range) and try to provide you with as much information as we can about each dog. Each has been carefully evaluated and most all have spent time in loving foster homes before being offered for adoption. We typically bring in new dogs every week, so it’s important to check the website frequently if you’re looking to adopt. An explanation of our adoption procedure is located on the How To Adopt section. And we invite you to check out our Success Stories for wonderful notes and photos from our happy adopters.


2-3 year old spayed yellow female, 68 lbs

Lilo is a super sweet, playful little girl who is a bit shy.  Lilo was found as a stray and MBLRR rescued her from the County shelter in Salinas.   She has a beautiful coat that is almost  fox red in color and the most soulful soft brown eyes, that look at you with love.  Lilo is house trained and sleeps in a crate at night.   She’s also fine on a dog bed too and would be happy to sleep in her person’s bed if that’s allowed.  She does enjoy a little couch time too.  She sleeps all night and is a quiet girl.   She loves toys and likes to carry soft toys around the house with her. She also loves the ball and will retrieve, but isn’t avid about it.  She likes to run and play and is great with other dogs…a bit nervous until she knows they’re friendly, but then happy and playful.  She did really well with the foster’s senior female lab and even snuggled together with her on a dog bed. She would be fine as an only dog  too, but would enjoy regular doggie playdates.  She would not do well with a hyper dog however….she needs a calm dog that can give her the confidence she needs.  Lilo is unknown with cats  so a cat free home is best for her.  She likes kids, but we think she’d prefer an adult home that’s calm.   Lilo doesn’t have a mean bone in her body and she adores being petted.  She will flop down on the floor on her back and look up at you with her little grin, begging you to pet her (and she always succeeds in getting pets).   She has a very soft mouth taking treats.  She walks quite well on a leash.  She knows sit and comes when called.  Lilo is fine in the car and absolutely LOVES going for car rides.  She’d be a great dog to take on long trips or just on errands.  She rides quietly.  In fact, she’s not a barker at all.   She loves the hose and we are sure she’ll be a fan of anything having to do with water.  Lilo enjoys going out for coffee or to outdoor restaurants and is very well behaved, and she enjoys hanging out around the fire pit.  As always we want her to go to a home where someone is around most of the time.  Lilo prefers women and would love a home with one or more of them.  She is much more shy with men and, although she’s fine meeting them, we feel she’d prefer to LIVE in a home with just women or a single woman. She’s a sweetheart and deserves a great home.

If you’re interested in adopting Lilo, please call Judy @ (831)261-3409.  Lilo is located in Carmel.


2 1/2 yr old neutered yellow male, 101 lbs

Buddy is a very large, calm boy who’s athletic and sweet.  He was surrendered to MBLRR because his people were working long hours and not able to give him the attention he deserved.  Buddy is a gorgeous boy, with a blocky head and trim physique.  He has gorgeous big brown eyes and a happy smile.  Buddy is completely house trained and generally had good house manners.  He will counter surf if you leave food on the counter tho.  He would love to be a couch dog if it’s allowed in his new family.   Buddy sleeps on a dog bed next to the foster’s bed at night and sleeps through the night.  He’s not a “morning person” and likes to sleep in.  He knows sit and shake and is not bad on a leash if you walk at a reasonably quick pace.  He does pull to get to meet new dogs and his foster is working on that.  He loves other dogs and is calm and good with them.  He’s not much of a player…just likes their company and has been known to “get the zoomies” when he’s with dogs he likes.  He is also fine with dog savvy cats.  Buddy would be a great jogging buddy, as he adores his walks and can cover a lot of ground.  He’s great in the car and rides calmly and quietly, often putting his head on your shoulder just to make contact.  Buddy loves attention and “purrs” when you pet him.  He just soaks up the love and is never happier than when you’re petting him.  Buddy adores toys, especially squeaky toys….but loves all kinds.  He has a soft mouth.  He loves to retrieve.  Buddy is good with kids and generally doesn’t jump up so kids age 7 and up would be great for him.  He’s a terrific dog and very loyal.  He doesn’t like being left alone (since he was left for long hours in his previous home), so does bark or cry for 5 minutes after you leave him, but then he settles down to wait for you to return.  We want to be sure he gets to be with his people most of the time.  Buddy’s name was Blue when we adopted him out a month ago to a great couple.  Sadly the husband sustained a very badly broken leg and required surgery to fix it.  With the extensive rehab he needs, the couple felt they couldn’t give Buddy (their new name for him) what he needed, so, with great regret,  asked us to find him another home.

If you’re interested in adopting Buddy, please call Judy @ (831)261-3409.  Buddy is located in Monterey.

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