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Monterey Bay Labrador Retriever Rescue welcomes you to view our LABS AVAILABLE for adoption. We take in labs ranging in age from puppies to seniors (though most of our dogs are in the 1-5 age range) and try to provide you with as much information as we can about each dog. Each has been carefully evaluated and most all have spent time in loving foster homes before being offered for adoption. We typically bring in new dogs every week, so it’s important to check the website frequently if you’re looking to adopt. An explanation of our adoption procedure is located on the How To Adopt section. And we invite you to check out our Success Stories for wonderful notes and photos from our happy adopters.  


4 year old spayed black female, 88 lbs

Maggie is a beautiful English female lab who is sweet, friendly and mellow.  She was rescued from a breeder when she couldn’t become pregnant.  Unfortunately she was extremely overweight and came to MBLRR at 108 lbs.  She’s well on her way to a perfect weight of 75 lbs and she’s a happy girl.  We just spayed her.  Maggie is a gorgeous girl with her blocky head, a bit too stocky body (right now) and otter tail.  She has a gorgeous wavy coat and will be stunning when she gets to her ideal weight.  She is a darling girl and is great with other dogs.  She loves her foster’s older black female lab and would be fine with another dog or as an only dog if her people are with her all the time.  She will chase cats so should be in a cat free home.  Maggie is house trained and has great house manners.  She  just likes to hang out, but she does like to get up on your bed at night.  She curls up into a tight little ball and sleeps through the night….just wants to be close.  She is great in the car.  Maggie loves her toys and carries them everywhere.  She loves stuffed toys and doesn’t destroy them.  She is not a barker and doesn’t chew or dig.  She’s really well behaved.  Maggie has been to Carmel Beach on several occasions and LOVES it.  She isn’t much of a water dog, but loves putting her feet in the water, meeting other dogs, and running up to every person she meets with a wag and wiggly body.  She is fine off leash and comes when called.  In her home, she can be a bit shy with new people coming into the house, but outside, she’s everybody’s friend.  She is frightened of seeing herself in the mirror or as a reflection in a window and barks, but she’ll get used to that.  She knows sit and walks well on a leash, though she wanders back and forth sniffing  all the good smells.  If she’s with another dog in her new home, she will hog the affection.  She adores being loved and petted.Maggie is completely adorable and will lie totally flat on the floor and just wag the end of her tail if you talk to her.  She’s really smart and figures things out quickly.  She loves to curl up at your feet.   We adore this “little” girl.  She will never be a high energy dog, but as she continues to lose weight she will be able to take longer walks.  Maggie adores the children she’s met on walks and we think she’d love them. Any children should be age 5 or older tho.  We definitely want her to go to a home where someone is around most of the timed.  Maggie would also be a great dog to take to work or to take to nursing homes as a therapy dog.  She’s special.

Due to the huge number of calls I’ve had on Maggie, I am not taking any more calls at this time (Tues 1:45pm).  Anyone who has called or texted me prior to that time will receive a return call.



7 year old neutered red fox male, 95 lbs

Choco is an easy going, confident and friendly boy.  He was brought to MBLRR by a caring couple who rescued him from a bad situation.  The original family kept Choco outside in a concrete run, and he was covered in fleas and had fly bites on his ears.  They posted him on Craigslist.  Even tho he was larger than what they were looking for, this kind couple “adopted” him to get him out of there and brought him to MBLRR.  Choco is a fox red lab with a gorgeous coat and big brown eyes.  He is overweight but on a diet and exercise program, and we think his perfect weight will be 80-85 lbs.  Choco is housebroken and has good house manners. He sleeps through the night on a dog bed in the foster’s bedroom.  He likes his walks and pulls initially on the leash, but then settles in and is quite good.  Apparently he learned commands in Spanish (and not many of them), so we’re working on “sit” and “come.”  He doesn’t really seem to know his name very well, so his new family is welcome to change it.  Choco is good with other dogs….friendly and generally easy going.  He lived with the couple who rescued him for 2 weeks before he came to MBLRR and they had a cocker spaniel, who he did well with.  They also had a cat, who Choco wanted to chase, but it was more playful than aggressive.  We think he might be fine with a dog savvy cat that would be firm with him.  Choco would be fine as an only dog or with another dog.  He loves to play with toys and often carries them around the house with him.  Choco particularly likes squeaky toys and squeaky balls.  He is not destructive with his toys at all.  Choco does retrieve but only a few times.  He’s not avid about it. We don’t know if he’s ever lived with children but he likes them on his walks and is friendly and wags his tail, so we think he’d do well with kids age 7 and older (only because he’s a big dog). Choco is affectionate and comes over to be petted.  He also gives some really nice doggy kisses.  He’s a very confident boy and is quite playful.  His personality will continue to emerge as he gets to know his new family and realize that his life is now going to be good from now on.  He’s fine in the car.  Choco went to the beach with his foster and enjoyed it, but really wanted to play more with the kids playing ball, than go in the water.  We’re sure he’s never been to the ocean or a lake in his life, so may learn to love it, but for now, he’s not an avid water dog.  Choco would love a family who will take him everywhere but he doesn’t need to run marathons.  A couple of nice walks every day and some playtime will be just fine for him.  As always, we want him to go to a home where someone is around most of the time.  Choco is a very good boy and will make a great addition to a lucky family.

For more information on Choco, please call Judy @ (831) 261-3409.  Choco is located in Pacific Grove.


6 year old neutered yellow male, 81 lbs

Cato is a friendly, happy, totally fabulous boy who is a complete love. On a scale of 1-10, his fosters say he’s a TEN!!  He was surrendered to MBLRR because his family moved to a home without a fence and the invisible fence didn’t work to keep him on the property during the day when the family was at work and school.  He’d go visit the local elementary school to see the kids and had to cross some busy roads to get there.  His family decided it would be best for him to be placed with a new family.  Cato is a good looking boy with smiling eyes and a nice coat.  He’s a perfect weight and in great shape.  Cato is fully house trained and has good house manners.  He might be tempted to counter surf if you leave something tempting on the counter, and he enjoys being on the couch and your bed, but he’ll get off if you tell him to.  Cato knows sit and comes when called.  Tho he’s energetic outside, he is calm and well behaved in the house.  He’s a bit rusty on his other commands, but is very smart and will quickly relearn them if you take the time to teach him.  He pulls on a leash, but we’re trying some different ways of walking him and are having good success.  Cato is crate trained if necessary, tho he doesn’t need a crate.  He sleeps on a dog bed next to the foster’s bed at night and sleeps through the night.  He is great with other dogs and also fine with cats.  He’s lived with chickens (but they must be in a contained coop), and is great with goats, horses and cows.  Cato also loves children and has lived with kids ages 1, 5, and 13, so he’s good with all age kids, but we would like him to go to a home with kids age 5 and older because he is a big boy.  He doesn’t jump on people or children.  Cato has lots of energy outside and loves to run….and he runs full speed.  He likes to retrieve.   He is very bonded to his people and stays right with them.  He can be off leash on walks and keeps his people in sight.  Cato loves anything to do with water and loves to swim. We would love him to go to a home either with a pool, or to a home where he will be able to go to the beach or a lake and swim.  He loves it so much!  He’s good in the car.  Cato is very loving and extremely affectionate….just wants to be with you, right by your side. We can’t say enough good things about him.  We definitely need him to go to a home where someone is around most of the time and he needs a big fenced yard with lots of room to run, play and retrieve.  An active family who would take him everywhere  would be ideal.

For more information on Cato, please call Judy @ (831) 261-3409.

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