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Monterey Bay Labrador Retriever Rescue welcomes you to view our LABS AVAILABLE for adoption. We take in labs ranging in age from puppies to seniors (though most of our dogs are in the 1-5 age range) and try to provide you with as much information as we can about each dog. Each has been carefully evaluated and most all have spent time in loving foster homes before being offered for adoption. We typically bring in new dogs every week, so it’s important to check the website frequently if you’re looking to adopt. An explanation of our adoption procedure is located on the How To Adopt section. And we invite you to check out our Success Stories for wonderful notes and photos from our happy adopters.  


10 year old neutered yellow male, 100 lbs

Marley is an extremely sweet old boy who has had a terrible life.  He spent his entire ten years in a 12′ x 12′ wire enclosure with a dirt floor and just a board over part of the top to provide shelter from the heat, cold and rain.  He occasionally got out once a month or so for a walk, but that was it.  His owner surrendered him to MBLRR when his sons left the home because he was “their” dog and they didn’t want him.  Marley was filthy when he arrived and his ears were horribly infected, but they are improving with treatment and he still hears, fortunately.  His back end is weaker than his front end because he has issues with his hock joints, but his hips are good.  We have him on Meloxicam to help with the arthritis and he’s feeling much better.  He’s a good 10 pounds overweight so we have him on a diet and exercise program.  Marley loves his walks and can’t believe the big world out there with so many wonderful things to sniff.  He can do a couple of miles a day, and the exercise is good for him.  Marley is now house trained.  He had no idea what a house was and had never seen a dog bed.  Initially he walked around the dog bed in the foster’s home, but when they finally showed him what it was, he was in love.  Now, you can’t get him off the bed.  He has no idea what toys or balls are, but he will learn.  Marley loves to follow his foster mom around and likes hanging out with her in the kitchen.  He loves having people pay attention to him.  On walks he loves meeting people and other dogs and is great with both.  He’s never been around cats, but he doesn’t move very fast, so would be fine with cats that like dogs.  Marley rides well in the car but needs help or a ramp to get in.  He’s not a barker.  We hope his story leads someone to adopt this sweet, kind dog.  He hasn’t had much of a life up to this point, and we want his last few years to be wonderful.  Marley will be extremely grateful to his new family and we know he’ll love them to pieces.  We would like him to spend as much time with his new family as possible, as he’s missed out on human companionship for so long.

If you’d like to offer Marley a loving home, please call Judy @ (831) 261-3409.  Marley is located in Pacific Grove.


3 year old neutered yellow male, 79 lbs

Cody is a sweet, quiet, gentle boy who lacks confidence.  He was surrendered to MBLRR because his family didn’t have enough time for him and with their busy lives,  they didn’t feel they could do what he needed to make him more confident.  Cody is a good looking boy with a lovely coat and huge soft brown eyes.  He is long and lanky.  Cody is completely house trained but needs to have a crate available in the house.  The crate is his safe spot and it’s the one place he can completely relax. Cody is not a fearful dog and there’s not an aggressive bone in his body.  Noises, cars, and new places don’t scare him but he needs to be with an experienced lab person who can help him build his confidence. He needs a calm, confident adult home.  Cody is actually fine with kids and lived with three kids, but a calm adult home will help him develop the confidence he needs and he really needs his people to focus on him. If there are grandkids coming by occasionally, he will be fine.   Cody is great with other dogs….not a player….just likes hanging out with them.  He lived with 5 other dogs in his previous home and enjoyed all of them (both big and small dogs).  He also lived with two cats and is fine with cats.  We would love Cody to go to a home with another calm dog, but he might be OK as an only dog in the right home.  Having another dog to model, tho, would be helpful to him.  Cody does fine in the car and rides quietly, jumping right in.  He knows sit. He is good on a leash, walking right by his foster’s side with just a martingale collar and a regular leash. Cody enjoys his walks and is very athletic, so can do long walks.   He likes water and likes to swim. Cody is a very special boy who will blossom in the right home.   As always, we want him to go to a home where someone is with him most of the time.  He would be OK to go to a quiet work place with his person too, as long as there is a crate there.  We’re sure the right person or couple is out there for Cody.

If you’re interested in possibly adopting Cody, please call Judy @ (831) 261-3409


7 mo old neutered yellow male mix, 53 lbs

Blue is a  super playful, sweet love bug of a boy.  Blue is predominantly a lab/shepherd mix, but there may be a touch of husky in him too.  His owner surrendered him to MBLRR because she lives in an apartment and her landlord made her give him up.  She picked him up as a 6 week old puppy from a cardboard box of puppies that someone was giving away.  Blue is just adorable with his super soft coat, huge brown eyes and funny ears (which we think may well go straight up as he gets older.)  He’s a terrific athlete and can run like the wind.  Blue is completely house trained and has good house manners.  He sleeps in a crate at night, but probably won’t need to be in a crate forever.  He sleeps quietly through the night.  He knows some commands (sit, stay, down, paw, gentle, no and stop).  He walks reasonably well with just a martingale collar and a leash, but he does weave back and forth, so needs work on that.  Blue is restless in the car (he hasn’t done many car rides) an needs to be tethered so he doesn’t jump into the front seat.  He loves the water and loves to swim.  Blue is great with other dogs and LOVES to play.  He and the foster’s dog play a lot and he plays appropriately…never rough.  We’d love Blue to have a playful dog buddy in his new family, but if he has dog buddies in the neighborhood that he can play with every day, we will consider him being an only dog.  Blue does jump up when excited, and we’re working on that.  He’s lived with kids and does well, but because of the jumping, we think kids should be age 8 or older.  Blue loves his toys, both soft squeaky toys and his Kong toys.  He’s still very much a puppy and his antics are quite funny to watch.  Blue definitely keeps you smiling.  He inhales his food, like all good labs do, and takes treats gently.  Blue is a first class snuggler, giving sweet kisses and cuddling up.  He’d love to have a spot on the couch next to you.  He’s a very, very smart boy and is extremely eager to please.  He will excel in obedience classes and should be taken for training, just because it’s good for all dogs to do.  Blue is not a barker.  We’re looking for a very active home where he’ll get lots of exercise and playtime. Another dog or dog buddies are a must for Blue.  And no cats, please.  As always, we want Blue to go to a home where someone is around most of the time, even after the pandemic is over.   He’s a really special boy!

If you’re interested in adopting Blue, please call Judy @ (831) 261-3409.

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