Dear Judy,

 After searching for some time she finally found us.  That’s right ‘ HER ‘ people. 

 Well the training has been ‘ ruff ‘ on the humans who find getting used to this much affection from a 1 yr. old overwhelming at times. 

 Dallas is not stingy with kisses and loves the human touch.  She has seven humans and two cats to oversee which accounts for the six hour nap in between.  She never ceases to delight and make us laugh.  You were saving this dog for a three generation family like ours.  She is thrilled with everything, especially the kitties, very playful, gets lots of attention and room to play outdoors.  She loves her sunbath and watching the geese swoop across open fields.  Next adventure . . . the POOL !

 Thank you Judy for teaming us up with Dallas, she is a perfect fit. 

 Miss Dallas is in the palace !



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