Hi Judy,

A very belated Happy New Year!

We have to tell you, George has been the best gift. He is truly a joy. We take him everywhere with us.  In November, we took a trip to Reno and found a very nice hotel that would allow us to take George. Needless to say, he was the hit of the hotel. The bell captain offered to take him out for walks at any time and everyone wanted to meet him while we all had dinner in the lounge. As we walked through the lobby when leaving, everyone was calling out to George, and they asked us to bring him back again soon.

Herve’s kids all love. He attends Henri’s football and soccer games, although he doesn’t quite grasp the rules of the game. But the fans adore him and are always stopping by to say hi.

His number one love is napping, although we’ve built his stamina up on walks as all three of us are working to lose some holiday weight. Thank you again for this amazing gift.


Debbie & Herve

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