Hi Judy,

It’s been a while since I’ve sent updates on Jack. He is doing very well and we have all come a long way. He has made so many 2 and 4 legged friends who enjoy his company. His favorite activities are eating, retrieving the ball, swimming and going everywhere we go including hiking and biking. Grandma spoils him when he stays with her and there is certainly no shortage of love. He also loves Tahoe as did our beloved Coby and we are getting ready to go for another week of play. He has gained almost 10 pounds and his coat is so creamy white. He is a beautiful boy and receives compliments all the time.  The cow’s trough is his favorite dipping place when we hike the Pleasanton ridge. He know when we pass through the gate and climb the last 2 hills we’re almost at the top and he starts running and jumps in. He waits for me here. Thought we’d share that photo with you.   Thank you for entrusting his care to us. We love this guy and can’t imagine being without him.

Lisa and Jason

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