Hi Judy,

Here is a picture of Lacey enjoying her triple cheeseburger on her staycation. She is such a good dog. When I gave her the triple cheeseburger she couldn’t believe it was for her and she set it on the ground and looked at me. I quickly went and got my camera and told her to get her burger. She picked it up and gave me this huge grin. For those of you concerned about her eating habits, fear not, she rarely eats people food and is extremely fit. She spends most of her “work” days chasing my husband up and down our steep 40 acres. On her “free” time she runs next to him while he mountain bikes. They sometimes go as much as 24 miles. She loves it and yes, she earns her triple cheeseburgers. When she’s not chasing him around she spends her time lying around belly up. I love our rescue dog and can’t believe we got such a good dog!


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