Hi Judy,
It’s been over a year since we adopted Rory and Patti and I thought it would be fun to update you on her.  First, she’s a delight and has been a wonderful addition to our family.  She was a tough grind early on and has taken a while to tone down her eagerness to chew most things, but we all love her and she loves us and her step-sister chocolate lab, 11 year old Tula.  She has taken to touring the bedrooms at night, spending time sleeping on the floor of each of our three children’s rooms and ours as well.  She’s always up for a cuddle which the kids in particular dish out daily.
This past fall we relocated home to Ottawa, Canada and she’s been delighted by both the change of season and, more recently, snow!  She loves bounding through deep snow and sprinting to greet other dogs who might be out on the trails as well.  Everyone thinks she’s a wonderfully friendly girl.
Thanks again for doing what you do!
Shannon and Patti

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