Hi Judy-

I am completely in love with Ziggy. He is a sweet, funny and loving dog. After such a brief time, I noticed how much more relaxed and secure he is in his new home, and with Charlie and the other dogs on the property.

He has had many new adventures such as not leaving the side of the barbecue as a steak sizzles, running in the vineyards and sneaking a dip with Charlie in the town library’s fountain, and meeting lots of new friends hiking with me in Las Posadas. After wondering for a while if every time he got In my car I was going to take him back, he now jumps in easily and securely, and I can proudly say I cart around over 200 pounds of labs.

There are a lot more adventures to come, but in the meantime, I assure him I am his new mama. Oh, and there are lots of remarks about how handsome he is.

It is roasting up here right now, so Charlie, Ziggy and I are lounging in the air-conditioning. All three of us have been invited to a dinner party tonight, so Ziggy is resting up for his first cocktail!

Ziggy is very well loved! Thank you!


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